What are Da Pa Values? What is Spam Score?

What are Da Pa Values? What is Spam Score?


It strives to continuously improve the system it has in order to ensure that the website contents are seen by Google correctly and that Google can produce the results by making correct searches, and it ensures that the pages with relevant content related to the searched word are listed in the search results. At this point, the Da Pa values ​​should be good in order for your relevant site to be better seen and analyzed by Google. So what are the Da Pa values? How are these values ​​increased? What are their relationships with the spam score? Here are the details …


Da Pa Values

Da Pa Values


Da and Pa values ​​are indispensable values ​​of websites. These values ​​are given extra importance, especially on sites where content is constantly produced. These parameters, which are taken together with the spam score, provide data to the site owners for the best evaluation of the website. However, Google never announces Da and Pa values ​​for websites. This value can only be reached through the analysis of the site owners themselves, or only the sites that serve for this can be used.


Da PA Değerleri: DA Değeri Nedir?Da PA Values: What is DA Value?


The value of Da, also known as the Domain Authority, is defined as the domain name image or domain name power. In other words, this value that affects the domain name affects certain characteristics of your domain name. Accordingly, the domain name:


How long it has been on the air,

Dış kaynaklar üzerinde alan isminin ne kadar geçtiği,How much the domain name is mentioned on external sources,

It is the parameter that emerges as a result of the evaluation according to various parameters such as the length and quality of the domain name.


Accordingly, the fact that the domain name is old, that is, it has been in use for a long time, the higher the score of the Da value. In addition, short domains have more effects. These domains can be so effective because they are available for direct traffic.





At this point, the similarity of the domain you have with the top domains is another criterion that increases the Da value. As an example, it can be seen that a domain name like Facebok will have significant traffic due to misspellings. Authority will rise directly.





According to normal conditions, the most important criterion for domains used for 2 years or more is the external connections.


Da Pa Values: What is PA Value?


The Pa value, also known as Page Authority, represents the power of the page under the domain of a website. Accordingly, the site domain and the pages below it may not be at the same level of power. Extra studies should be done within the pages. The best criterion to increase the value of Pa is SEO criteria. Accordingly, SEO work should be good.


You can increase the PA value by doing SEO work. So how is SEO work done?

Required SEO Criteria for PA Value


SEO work is required to increase the Pa value. At this point, SEO work is very comprehensive and it is a criterion that people should really work on. Accordingly, we can list the SEO works as follows:


Determining the focus keyword,

Including the focus keyword in the title,

Inclusion of the focus keyword in at least one of the subtitles,

To separate the headers as H1, H2, H3,

Adding quality images to the content,

Adding captions for pictures,

Entering the meta description with the focus keyword in it,

Composing the article with at least 300 words,

Not keeping the focus keyword length short,

Spending the focus keyword several times according to the number of words


When such criteria are followed, SEO configuration will take place to a great extent. In this way, your website content will be more easily caught by Google and the Pa score will also increase. The technology-oriented SEO configuration will also contribute to you in many ways.


What is Spam Score?


Another expression is spam score. Spam score is a system that works inversely proportional to PA and DA values. Spam score is a very effective scoring tool, which can also completely change the SEO evaluation. The originality of the content on the site and the extent of the actions defined as misleading by Google are calculated according to this score.





A website with a high spam score is not expected to have high DA and PA values. Even if this happens, it is not possible for the site to rise above the search results.





This is because the Spam score is a value that includes possible penalties imposed by Google on the website you own.


What To Do To Increase Site Authority


The most basic thing to do to increase the authority of the site is to reduce the spam score to minimum levels or even to zero point. However, the PA and DA values ​​should also be increased. By doing this, it will be possible for you to rise in a certain time.





Howevert the most basic point, they are jobs that require patience. Because PA and DA values ​​do not increase immediately. Situations such as SEO configuration, extension of the domain period will be effective at this point. Ultimately, it will be seen that there will be an increase in Da and Pa values ​​of the website.



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